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In the present day context, Lifestyle disorders are becoming more and more common. We cater to the following lifestyle services:

  • Emotional Counseling
  • Couple Counseling
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Work Stress Counseling
  • Depression Counseling
  • Parent Counseling

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  • 1 hour Session with Counselor
  • Identify negative thought patterns
  • Deeper understanding of yourself

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My friend suggested Mind Plus Life and signing up here was my best decision. MPL helped me to come out of my struggling days through confidential online service. I am definitely a better functioning individual now..

Rituraj Chauhan


I had a superb counseling experience with Mind Plus life. Initially, I was skeptical of sharing my information, but team MPL helped with my concerns at every step regarding my concerns.

Saurabh Parnerkar


Nyc its very unique and amazing please share and connect with this.



This being my first time doing therapy, I was thoroughly impressed with my therapist! She helped me to think deeper about my issues




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Counseling is a process whereby you can have a safe and supportive space to explore what’s on your mind or in your heart. The counsellor doesn’t judge you or your experience in any way. The counselor knows that we all go through difficulty at some point or the other. The counselor also knows how transformative it can be sometimes when we can share things in a space of respect and trust and endeavours to hold the space for you so you can access your own knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes clarity and insight can emerge for you during this process. Sometimes a deep awareness and understanding for why you feel the way you do. Sometimes there is a path or the next step that opens up through the process.

A counselor facilitates the process by a particular way of listening that he or she is trained in, so that what’s important to you and for you emerges. The counselor accompanies you step by step in this exploration. A counselor is trained to listen deeply and reflect to you the important threads of what you are saying and feeling and sometimes what you have left unsaid and not yet fully expressed or in touch with. When this comes into the light of your awareness, you see it clearly and are able to take some clear steps to support yourself and move in a life affirming direction. Each session is really dependent on what emerges for you and what is the best way to attend to whatever emerges. Here the counselor can be supportive by simply listening or inquiring with you about some aspect. The counseling or listening space is different in these ways from how it would be to talk to a friend, colleague or family member. The time is dedicated by the counselor especially for you and the space is solely for whatever you would like to explore or for what emerges during a session

You can talk about anything that’s on your mind. We often hold our experiences within ourselves and don’t share it with others for fear of being judged or not wanting to burden anyone with how we feel or what feels challenging for us. Sometimes it doesn’t feel safe or supportive to speak what is truly in our hearts even with friends or family. You might not know what you want to talk about. And it is okay not to know that beforehand. You don’t need to know `exactly’ what is the help you are looking for. Sometimes we just feel a background anxiety or apprehension. Sometimes we just feel we are out of sorts, not really ourselves. We don’t feel resilient within ourselves. Sometimes we are just confused and unclear about a particular life situation or a relationship or we may just simply feel stressed out. Sometimes we know we have tried out everything within our current capacity and don’t know anymore the way forward or the way out. Not knowing is a perfect place to begin in counseling. As you speak to your counselor, greater clarity might emerge as to what is making your feel upset or stressed out and therefore what are the steps that emerge for you to take care of yourself or the situation. Something fresh usually comes when we sit and inquire together into these unknown spaces.

The counseling process is built on a felt sense of safety and trust that you feel as you explore things with a counselor. It does need time. Brief counseling sessions would range from three to six sessions. Sometimes one session might feel sufficient. Sometimes sessions may be needed for a longer period of six months to one or two years or more. Each individual and life situation is unique in how things have come together and therefore how it might unfold.

A counseling or psychotherapy session usually ranges from 45 mins to 60 mins. Your counselor will decide with you what is needed and appropriate for you.

Sessions are mostly held once a week. If there is a need to have more or less frequent sessions, it can be decided by you and the counselor. Counseling and psychotherapy is a mutually collaborative process between you and the counselor.

Counseling can be for anyone and everyone who wants to explore some aspects about themselves or their lives or simply to have a safe space to talk and explore what’s on their mind. Anyone can be benefitted from the counseling process. There are different approaches in counseling and it might take a while to see what is the approach that is best suitable to facilitate your own process. Sometimes we can be faced with little storms and sometimes some big ones. It’s always beneficial to talk about it in a safe space.


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