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Mind plus life is a unique institution of central India that works towards the promotion and development of mental health and holistic wellness. It has a team of highly qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, and professionals who work together to help individuals and communities in order to improve their lives and to promote general well-being. The organization is dedicated to imparting services in the field of career guidance, relationship counseling & personality grooming amongst various others.

Mind plus life caters to the audience by means of training, internships, counseling, and psychotherapies. Its aim is to facilitate the learning and overall development of individuals, empowering them to navigate their own way towards greater autonomy and effectiveness. Mind plus Life organizes various training programs and workshops for professionals and enthusiasts including psychologists. Mind plus life work in the field of career counseling and counseling related to the issues of emotional and social wellbeing. Family counseling is also one of the major areas of work here.

The programs at Mind Plus Life are based on scientifically designed and appropriately customized psychotherapies and training to support a varied client base which includes children, women, working professionals, corporate houses, Government and Non-government agencies, and communities in general.

“Give help, Get help”

Mind Plus life is that platform where professionals can come together and work for people who need support to build their beliefs and inner strength.

Our motto of “Give help, get help” is based premise that if provided a proper platform for channelizing our philanthropic and altruistic attributes, we humans are capable of rising above the most challenging situations.

The world we live in is dealing with a multitude of mental health issues. The science of healing in mental health is growing now yet there is a paucity of trained people who can use the science of healing i.e., psychotherapy to support people in need. As a team of therapists, our goal has been to enrich and fortify people’s self-knowledge so that they can overcome difficulties. They have the potential for personal greatness within them, and we help them rally their resources to create the lives they desire.

Our mission is to help people see their own potential and believe in the power themselves to make it happen. We see greatness come alive.

High-quality training programs

We aim to offer high-quality training programs for mental health professionals or for those who wish to hold deeper spaces of listening and care.

Psychotherapy and counseling

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process through which we help our clients to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. We provide a supportive environment that allows them to talk openly and share their concerns with a professional.

We seek to offer opportunities for organizations and communities to collectively grow in awareness and wisdom. We look at systematically working with organizations at all levels – individual, relational, collective. We work with social development organizations, schools, and colleges as well as the corporate sector.


Noor Jahan Khan is a counseling psychologist, a psychotherapist (trained at British Psychological Society, London), and a life-skills trainer with 26 years of experience in diverse fields.

Short Bio: Noor Jahan Khan is the Founder-Director at Mind Plus Life and is a Mindfulness & Presence Oriented Psychotherapist, Facilitator, Lead Trainer, and Teacher for the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training Program & Advance Counseling Skills training Program.

She is a Dale Carnegie certified Master trainer and specializes in soft skills and behavioral training. She has worked with the Department of Police as a faculty of psychology for the training of police officers at State Level Police Academy in (Bhaunri) Bhopal and Police Training and Research Institute (PTRI), Bhopal. She is also worked with the Department of Happiness, Madhya Pradesh Government, as a consultant and content developer (Training).

She has varied experience in corporate training, police training, image management training, higher education, talent management, performance-coaching, psycho-social counseling, career planning, stress management coaching, personal & career resilience training.

She has been invited to various Government and Non- Government Institutions as guest faculty. Her expertise lies in Mindfulness, Self-compassion, and ACT-based Psychotherapy for various clinical and non-clinical psychological issues.

Apart from this, she has organized various workshops for police officers, managers, executives, and corporate staff; teachers, and parents, and has been training, teaching, and counseling for career decisions and psychological issues of students of different ages of schools and colleges through psychometric assessment, career portfolio-designing, and personality-profiles.




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