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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


(ACT) is a unique and creative model for both therapy and coaching, based on the innovative use of mindfulness and values.

The aim of ACT is to maximize human potential for a rich, full, and meaningful life; to cultivate health, vitality, and well-being through mindful values-based living.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

We offer one-on-one counselling, psychotherapy and deep listening spaces for individuals and groups. Our approach is based on a Mindfulness and Presence Orientation


Professional Development

We provide opportunities for mental health professionals, educationists, NGOs and HR professionals to come together and explore perspectives, practices and applications in an experiential way and as a community.

I would like to thank you for all your services and wish you the best. All my classmates who contacted you have been satisfied and glad to work with your team, that, I would say was very effective.

Emily Doe

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